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Shannon Packaging serves a wide variety of industries which require unique closure techniques.  We offer 5 press-to-close zipper closure options. 


The FLANGED zipper is our most popular zipper for FDA applications and is considered our default zipper.  We have over 30 years of experience with this popular and tested mechanism. 


We offer the DUAL TRACK zipper for those applications that require a heavy-duty closure or when more customer interface is desired. 


The WIDE FLANGED zipper helps to control the tear line and helps with thumb placement when opening the pouch. 


We have a specialized POWDER ZIPPER that is used specifically with small granular powder.  The design allows the powder product to be pushed back into the pouch as the zipper is closed which expedites closure time and decreases effort.    


Our  THIN zipper is typically employed on static shielding and static control pouches.  It is not used in FDA applications as it is not considered a barrier type mechanism. 

NEW - CHILD RESISTANT (RELY-on) ZIPPER . Certified and Patent Protected






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